James Bond Club Denmark

Matera will feature big action scenes
10 Marts 2019 | @jamesbonddk

Lea Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, and Naomie Harris is back for Bond 25
7 December 2018 | @jamesbonddk

Danny Boyle confirms he is directing Bond 25
9 Marts 2018 | @jamesbonddk

What we 'think' we know about Bond 25
12 August 2017 | @jamesbonddk

Mads Mikkelsen: Daniel Craig shouldn't be ending like this
21 June 2016 | @jamesbonddk

Daniel Craig: No decision on Bond
19 May 2016 | @jamesbonddk

Bond Franchise bosses: 'willing to delay the next movie'
16 February 2016 | @jamesbonddk

Christoph Waltz is signed for two more Bond movies
04 January 2016 | @jamesbonddk

Unique exhibition: Bond cars guests Denmark
Aston Martin has unveiled an early Christmas present for all Danish James Bond fans - An exhibition with Aston Martin DB10 and DB5 in Copenhagen
22 December 2015 | Read more

Development on Bond 25 to begin in the Spring
Bond 25 will likely need to find a new director, with Skyfall and Spectre helmer Sam Mendes having seeminly ruled out a return
01 December 2015 | Read more

Daniel Craig will continue to play James Bond at least until 2020
The British actor has considered dropping out of the film franchise
13 July 2015 | Read more